Sunday, April 19, 2009

pLambic Update

Checked on the pLambic tonight. The 1G jug has started fermenting again, reading 62° with ambient of about 59°. About 9 bubbles/min and a fair amount of foam on the top. The 5G glass never really stopped and is still going, but pretty slow at about 60 seconds/bubble. The 5G plastic doesn't seem to be exactly airtight as the airlock is even and returns to even after I push air out. Might need to fix that in the future.

The 1G carboy, with krausen on top.
5 Gallon carboy with closeup of the surface - still some activity and some gunky snot-ness on top, but it's pretty much slowed to a crawl. For now.

RIS with bugs added after, no activity visible since added more RIS a while ago: