Friday, June 29, 2012

Holy time warp! A lot has changed, my friends.

The brewery was shut down - temporarily! - in March or so last year. Why? My family and I have moved to Chicago. I won't be brewing again until at least September, when we move into our new house!

Brewery-wise, the house is great with a large-enough back yard/patio, and a full unfinished basement with ceiling low enough to never threaten my storage space with transformation into livable space! There is no garage, however, and therefore no obvious space for my large kegerator. It could sit in the basement for storage/aging/lagering but for serving I don't think it will make sense. How many beers do I really need on tap for a party? 2 at least, probably 3.

Anyhow, those beers described below are still in play! The first RIS is freaking awesome now but only a couple of bottles left. The second RIS is awesome and maybe a case remains, plus a "bottle conditioned" sealed growler full! The first sour has set the bar high, half bottled unblended and very very good (carbonated), the other half bottled a year later after spending that extra time on local sour cherries picked by yours truly. And this sour cherry one (carbonated also) - look out! If you are interested please contact me and I will send you a bottle. Seriously. It's in storage now but come September!

I bottled this one and the second pLambic during the move and have only had these a few times - I'm not worried that they have spent some extra time in storage! So stay tuned, more beers are coming including plans for barrels, weird styles, etc!