Wednesday, September 9, 2009

pLambic Tasting!

Okay, it's early yet, but I tested and tasted the pLambic. All activity seems to have stopped, both the 5G carboy and 1G carboy have dropped clear and who knows what's going on in the bucket! So time to investigate.

Tested both the bucket and the 5G Carboy. Both are about 1.006-1.007 specific gravity, the bucket has a distinctive pellicle that's thin and looks powdery with large bubbles in it, while the glass carboy has no pellicle. Kinda surprisingly, they both taste virtually identical. The front is a soft alcohol/water blend, followed by some tartness and finishing with a drying funk that isn't at all opjectonable. The smell is quite good, really what I was going for but the sourness is not very strong. It's more of a tarty fruitness, and it's really quite refreshing and pleasant - just not puckering in any way at all. I wonder if it will get more sour with time. It seems like it would go well with light fruit like strawberry, or peach. Or maybe rapsberries will give it more bite. Carbonation could change things and so could time, there are still several gravity points that could be eaten up by *something*. Only, everything is already in there!

It never got really warm this summer in the basement, peaking at mid 70s maybe, more likely 72-73 tops. Good for aging, not great for bug cycling I imagine. I''ll taste it again come spring and decide if it gets fruit or blending another summer or what. Hopefully by then I'll have another batch going right next to it!

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