Sunday, January 17, 2010

pLambic Tasting

Well, it's been 10 months since I made the pLambic and I tasted it extensively the other day. Basically it's pleasantly tart but not puckingly sour, and some versions have a dry finish which seems like funk/brett/wild yeast. The best version so far is the 5 gallon plastic bucket, it has fantastic aroma and very pleasant taste, a bit more sour than the glass carboy. The 1gallon glass carboy is the most sour, in that one I put no wyeast lambic blend, only contributions from the bug jar. The 1G has a very faint and not great aroma, and the finish is lacking. Much more acid though. The 5G glass is decent, not as sour, and not as delicate. Probably for fruit later.

Blending 1G Glass with 5G glass makes it better. A little 1G glass with 5G plastic makes it pretty good too, but finish is weird.

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