Thursday, March 12, 2009

First Hop Rhizome planted!

My first order of Rhizomes came today, two Zeus. I ordered two just 'cause, I'll be planting them in the same place. Since I need to build my deck before I can plant them outside, they are going in pots for now.

Kinda small rhizomes, but look viable, even have a few growing buds off of them. They did spend like a week driving across the country.

Here they are in the pot. I just put them next to each other figuring they will grow together. More rhizomes just means more vitality!

Covered about an inch with dirt and watered the crap out of it. I'll keep it outside when I can but inside if it's too cold at night. Moist but not soaking, wait for it to dry out a little before adding more water! I have a feeling these guys will take off in no time.

Still waiting for my order from Thyme Garden - one each Magnum, Nugget, and Centennial. They will probably go in pots too since it will probably be a month at least before the deck is done. More to come!

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  1. Welcome to the world of growing hops. In case you are interested, our 'Grow-Hops' Yahoo Group now has 2,741 members, including many commercial growers.

    Is your deck elevated, and are you going to use it as your support structure?


    Bill Velek