Wednesday, March 11, 2009

pLambic Update

Please keep in mind that clicking on a picture will show you a much larger version.

Just some new pictures. It started bubbling and then blowing off 3-4 days after "pitching", blew off for a day or two, and then controlled with airlock since then.

Neither plastic fermenter nor 1G blew anything off so airlocks remained on!

Here's the 5G glass carboy when it's fermenting but before it started blowing off. I actually moved it upstairs for 48hrs to warm it up a bit, it was 56°F in the cellar and I was impatient!
1G carboy at the same time - post fermentation start, before large fermentation:

After it blew off for a day or two - I kept the airlock on some, an aluminum foil top on some, then washed the airlock and replaced it once it calmed down. Now it's calmer but still more than 10bpm (bubbles per minute). This is the 5G carboy tonight:

As the bubbles got higher, they became kinda milky. This might be sickness/viscosity, or maybe it's too early - could be from the flaked wheat/corn starch/flour also. You can see it better here, probably worth clicking:
On the bottom there are normal "fluffy" bubbles but as they collect towards the top they get more milky...

Here is the 1G - not so milky:That was the flash showing the cloudiness and that there aren't funky things floating around. Also note the sediment growing on the bottom.

I don't take pictures of the bucket since you can't see anything.
BUT I do have another experiment! This is an RIS I brewed and had an extra 1/2 gallon after racking it out of primary, so I put it in a 1g carboy and added some Bug Circus I to it. When I added bugs it 9/28/08 it was 1.032 and 9.2% ABV. Until last night it had a nice, calm, thin and powdery pellicle. Last night basically I had 1/4G of the RIS in a keg and needed the keg so I sacrificed it to the Bugs! I sprayed it viciously with a picnic tap into the 1g carboy and destroyed the pellicle. Seems to already be reforming. I also purged with CO2 afterwards but there could definitely have been some oxygen dissolved in there. This stuff is absolutely opaque.

And finally the first look at Bug Circus II, getting gross:

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